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Massage & Special Treatments:


Ashiatsu Massage

Ashiatsu is a technique in which the therapist delivers deep, broad, consistent pressure while utilizing their feet and body weight. Working with gravity instead of against it, Ashiatsu therapists are able to provide an effective therapeutic massage that has proven to improve posture, decrease back and hip pain, detoxify the body's lymphatic system, relieve muscle spasms, and provide a deep tissue massage without discomfort. Cream or oil is applied to the clients body making this deep therapeutic massage fluid and relaxing. Parallel bars are used above the massage table for balance, support and client safety.

Investment: $


Swedish Massage

Swedish Massage is a medium to light pressure massage. The goals of this technique are to increase circulation and decrease lactic acid buildup associated with muscle soreness. Swedish massage flushes the lymphatic system, providing a state of euphoria. This technique is great for a quick escape from the hustle & bustle of everyday life.

Investment: $1/minute (15 min. minimum)


Deep Tissue Massage

Deep tissue massage focuses on the deeper layers of muscle tissue. The purpose is to release the chronic patterns of tension in the body through slower strokes and a deeper pressure. This technique is perfect for those who have specific problem areas or may be suffering from minor injuries.

Investment: $1/minute (15 min. minimum)


Hot Stone Therapy

Hot stone therapy is the ultimate experience in relaxation. Lightly warmed stones are applied to oiled skin to relax and soothe muscles. This technique eases tension and are for those who are looking for a little bit of pampering.

Investment: $70/hour or $40/half hour


Aroma Touch

Aroma Touch is a massage that uses various essential oils for stress management, immune support and autonomic balance. Because the essential oils that are used are derived from plants, they innately carry their own intelligence and frequency.

Investment: $70/hour


Steamy Wonder

Evaporate stress with this newest treatment. A 20 minute steam bath followed by an invigorating 40 minute full body massage. The highest level of stress reduction available!

Investment: $80/hour


Chakra Healing

A chakra healing works to balance the seven main energy centers in the body, known as chakras. Each chakra correlates to ailments and physical dysfunctions in the body. To achieve balance and clear stale energy, you will experience a guided meditation, sound therapy & the use of crystals as a part of this modality.

Investment: $60/hour


BioMat Healing

The BioMat is an FDA licensed medical device/mat that combines Far Infrared light and Negative Ion technology with the healing power of Amethyst Crystal.  The infrared heat relaxes the body by internally heating it. Some of its benefits include reducing inflammation, relieving pain, improving circulation and cardiovascular function, improving immune system function in addition to easing joint paint and stiffness, reducing stress and fatigue, muscle tightness and it even works to easy anxiety.

Investment: $20/half hour for BioMat treatment only OR 

                   $15 in addition to massage price if combining with a massage 



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